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I've been on hold for 30 minutes so far as I type, and have been listening to the same oboe duet on infinite repeat the whole time. Oboes, in the hands of someone even moderately trained to play one, are at worst innocuous, and can be quite pleasant. Nonetheless, at this point I'm emotionally ready to go murder some oboists.

My problem is actually with the bureaucrat responsible for developing the customer-abuse system that is currently threatening me with death if I don't sit here and listen to wobbly oboe music ad infinitum, so I would want to take aforementioned oboe from its then-deceased owner, locate said bureaucrat, and introduce them to the use of an oboe as a suppository. Splitting the reeds, first, just to be nasty about it.

I'm calling the Oregon Health Plan. If I don't get my insurance renewed, I can't get my medications refilled, and I'm a cardiac patient. And their website has a "confidential message center" which is their primary -- and if no one answers my current call, I'll have to say *only* -- method of communicating with their clients. They have sent me an email saying there is a message waiting for me in this system, but when I attempt to log into the system, every link or prompt takes me to the start of their enrollment process, which I had completed yesterday.

So I have to stay on hold, listening to oboes, against the possibility that if I take a break they might pick up while I'm out of earshot. I have this laptop; in theory I could be doing something useful while I sit and enoboe myself. But I haven't figured out how to concentrate on anything more sophisticated than griping about it while it's going on.

Well, that at least clarifies my next activity: Learning to focus on useful work while still monitoring the reedstream.
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