PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

I'm *sure* I left a bellybutton around here *someplace*...

My first two sources of information are my email inbox and my friends' page here. And everybody's being pissy this morning. And available ingredients in the fridge are saying "make an omelette this morning," and I don't *want* an omelette this morning. And somehow, somewhen yesterday I managed to scratch the *side* of my right middle toe. Trivial, but annoying each time I take a step.

I can put a band-aid on my toe. And I have cottage cheese and fruit salad, and can figure out something else to do with the proto-omelette-ingredients later. And most of my life is focused on actually *doing* something about the problems people are being pissy about, so maybe I'd better get on it.

I'm still working on assembling a crew to present Solarpunk to Portland Forward via the Arcology project. I need maybe half a dozen people no more than half my age who are willing to become passionate about it and go do some homework on their own. I need them to have found some stuff on their own, or even better to have *done* some stuff on their own, so they're doing more than just Reciting Received Wisdom. Maybe I'll try NAYA today. Urban League would be another possible good source. My crew doesn't *have* to be non-white, but it does have to be not-*all*-white. My own needs are for cultural rather than chromatic diversity. And that's an irrelevant-to-the-moment tangent.

The moment is of me getting focused to get a day started. I can call NAYA and UL after 9am, that's only 3 hours off. Unless I recalibrate my time-sense, three hours is a *long* time. I had been going to write about the latest trumpnography, but I am fortunately feeling it to be irrelevant, which it should be. (I *am* hoping one of my crew, asked about politics, responds "I live in a fascist autocracy," but that is a.) fantasy, and b.) not my job.

So I should write on what solarpunk is, why the Arcology is a good tool to implement it, and devise a couple of other tools that could also implement it. An extraplanetary colonization mission could do it. So could seasteading, but I find the vision of seasteading weak. Not *bad*, it's an okay idea, it's just sort of like solving the problem of being stuck in a mummy-case by getting stuck in a coffin, instead. Okay, it's *bigger*, but ...

Hindbrain latched on to that one and started working on how a seastead could be part of the tidal-generation/wind-farm proposal to replace the Jordan Cove LNG terminal. If the fascist autocracy metastasizes further, it could even set sail and leave. "Hi, Japan, want some juice?" And now for a spindizzy drive...

No, no, no. I need to *focus*, not... I don't think there's a word for it. I'd been thinking "dissipate", but that's wrong. I've not been stoned on 'shrooms myself, but it matches James's description of becoming "one with all" while doing so. Submerging self in the universe? Becoming one with all is actually a great idea, but I need to maintain my 'self' while so doing. Take a dip in the Infinite, sure -- but bring me with me, and remember to bring me back, afterwards.

Off to go do.
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