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Finding a necktie
When I was working on Wall Street in the '90's, I had a friend working nearby named Carson Gaspar, who is to date the most flamingly gay person I've met. Even being in IT, he was still on the Street, and his bosses finally came down on him for his "unbusinesslike" dress. He came in the next day in a white button-down shirt, immaculate 3-piece navy pinstripe suit, and a beautiful blue-and-gold regimental tie.

It wasn't until you looked closely at the tie that you could discover that the fine gold embrodered regimental stripes were actually the word "Faggot", embroidered in script over and over and over and over...

Does anyone know where I could find such a tie now? I've got a friend who would be very amused by one.

For that matter, does anyone know where Carson is now? I suspect those two would get along well, even if the local neighborhood has a bit of trouble surviving the experience.

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Seems likely. I'll send him a ping and find out.

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