PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

One mystery solved

Apparently, in making 4 trips from the door to the van immediately outside it Friday morning, I'd managed to pick up a bad sunburn -- enough so that I'm losing skin that was covered by my T-shirt. So my body saying "No work" Saturday and Sunday afternoons was saying "I need that energy for healing, and if you try to take it and use it for something else this will Not End Well."

I do feel like I can get some work done today, but we don't have the UHaul any more, so anybody what wants has to come get. Tools, camping equipment, bike stuff, the entertainment center (for which my guesses of 7' tall, 8' wide, and 30" deep were only trivially off -- 6'10" tall, 7'9.5" wide, and 25.5" deep), kitchen chairs, card table/folding chair sets, men's clothing, books, and a whole lot of bins I haven't investigated yet.

I'm feeling much more focused on my major projects -- the Arcology and the Ficton, both of which are aspects of solarpunk. I still have to spend the day getting shit out of the driveway before I can do work on 'em.
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