PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Welcome to oh-dark-thirty

Tried going out of the house yesterday. Went to Food not Bombs, which was good, but going out at all in this heat was a mistake even with taking a golfing umbrella along as a parasol. At least I didn't lose any more skin. I ended up going to bed before dark, probably about 9pm. As a result, I've been up for about an hour now, and it's only 2:30am. But it's *cool*, and I don't have any external scheduling constraints, and I'm up now, so might as well work.

I haven't been running an Idea File, and I should be. I have a file cabinet, and files, I should do so both in electrons and on paper, so if I'm forgetting something I can peruse the paper files to remind me. Ideally, I can do the same thing with electronic files, but they're slipperier; they only remind you of something if you know where to look and then do so. The paper-filled file cabinet is right next to my bed and directly in line with the chair I write in, so it's harder to forget.

I have two immediate projects running: Doing a presentation to Portland Forward on why they should back SolarPunk, and writing the Para and Schmoo ficton. I also feel a need to rename Para, as she's lifted fairly directly from the character of the same name in Howard Tayler's comic "schlockmercenary." Howard's Para has a military background, tho', and at least so far mine doesn't. I think I'll keep it that way, but it does point out that I haven't filled out *my* Para's professional background, and should. Okay, that goes on today's list.

Already on today's list are calling Gwen at NAYA and Julia at Urban League on recruiting speakers for the PF Solarpunk presentation. If it were twenty degrees cooler, I'd also be visiting Franklin and Monroe high schools and working on the same thing. I need more teacher contacts. I can email Hyung Nam and ask him how to go about that; he's a lead figure in the Teacher's Union. No, arrange to meet him F2F and do it that way.

Additional minor and less-important project is building the robot suit for GearCon. Ben of DSA had expressed an interest, but I neglected to get his contact info. He has *mine*, and had enthusiastically agreed to call, but hasn't. That's par; I need to be much more insistent about getting *other* people's contact data, so *I* can follow up. Probably he lost the card -- how many cards have *I* lost, and don't know it because they are, after all, lost? I just found one that fell out of my pocket some unmeasured time ago and got stuck in the chair. I'll send Michael Mollinax an email today too; unfortunately all I have to say is "Why was I supposed to contact you?"

And there's cleaning out the driveway, which I can't do much of during the day because of the heat, and can't do much of at night because I can't see anything. It still has to get done, even if my current available working time is two hours after dawn and two hours before sunset. I've added 3 tasks to my lists for today and tomorrow to make progress on that.

So, reviewing with y'all in narrative form has been quite useful. And I've just pinged Zack about exercising, which he has requested as SOP for 3am, as that's 6am his time and he is just starting the process of learning to become more of a morning person so he can better hold down a day job. Maybe after that conversation's over I can get a nap.
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