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Para development

Can I get some suggestions and questions?

So at the start of the story, Para is a thirty-year old grad student in pattern recognition at CalTech, working on filtering tachyon signals. Since the story is set in 2035, that means right now she'd be thirteen. She has a native-revolutionary grandma, her parents are dead, and the other three grandparents are alive but haven't come into the story yet.

How did she get there?

As an aside, her sexuality is irrelevant to the story 'til at least Season 3. If/when/as it becomes relevant, she's gay and dominant.

Fianne, her friend and classmate, is seven years younger. Fianne is on a standard academic timetable; where did Para's other six or seven years get spent? And what were her parents doing while she was growing up?

Her mom (will need to pick a name for her sometime) grew up in the household of a slav balabusteh and a sharp Masai businessman. What business? He's the American sales rep for an Asian computer-chip manufacturer. So Mom grew up in San Jose. Grandma and grandpa are still there, and Grandpa is starting to think about retirement.

Dad grew up in LA, where he couldn't get work doing math, so ran a landscaping company while studying at night. Timescale: If Para is 13 now, Dad was born in '88, so Grandpa is about my age. Grandpa is still in Paraguay, now political leader of the small rural village that branch of the family has been in since time immemorial. He'd been a carpenter, and most of the current village is buildings he built. ParaDad smuggled himself into the US at age 7, i.e. in '95, by stowing away on a private yacht.

Grandma met Grandpa on a civil-rights trip to Paraguay in '85, liked him, had a kid, stayed with him for a few years, and then went back to the res to see if she could do more good there. They're still in contact and have never been on bad terms, but she wants to be with her people, he wants to be with *his* people, and neither one of them has enough clout to relocate the whole town. Well, *now* he might. But not then.

So when Dad arrives in the US, he knows a *little* english, and knows he can go crash with Grandma in Oklahoma if he needs to, and also knows there aren't lots of good opportunities for him there. So he stays in LA.

So what does Mom *do*, and how does she meet an immigrant landscaper in Los Angeles?

To be continued...
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