PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Overloaded brain, please reboot

Okay, I'm now working on a 2020 Presidential campaign. And it combines and subsumes my work on the Portland Forward presentation and the Para and Schmoo ficton. I've already written and submitted my first document, and I'm about halfway in on the second, due Monday.

And tomorrow morning James should be here to take some stuff out of the driveway and help me move some of the rest of it from the driveway to the storage trailer. And sometime next week, possibly Wednesday, Gary will come by with his truck so we can take about half of the rest to the Slavation Army. I'll still have half a dozen tubs and a file cabinet to get rid of, but it's progress.

Trivia: I need to buy a salad keeper and make a big salad in it for an event on Saturday.

Some time later in the summer I will need to do substantial work on the trailer, and I'll need at least one helper to do it. But first I need to coax my brain out from under the bed and stuff it back in my skull where I can use it.

And it's not hot *today*, or forecast to be tomorrow. So at least I don't have heat exhaustion interfering with having my head too full to work. I'll probably have to be back indoors from Sunday through the following Thursday, tho'.
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