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Successful Failure
I've never been so pleased to throw away work.

I posted this morning about my distraction. Then I went and wrote out a proposal, and it was awful. It *really* stunk.

And then I threw it away and started over. Only got a few paragraphs start, but now it's a good start and I can do something with it. And if I hadn't written my previous pile of dreck I wouldn't have been able to.

So yay for successful failure, and on with the project!

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Works for me. Thats part of your writing process apparently. Mine is think think think.... think some more... get weird about even starting to write.... waiting to write until its literally pouring out of me like a flood... then when i absolutely must write or die? Write like mad and then reread and revise for typos.. we are all different i suppose... lol!

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