PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Brain full, need to unload

OK, I've attended one event and sent out 3 letters so far today. And had an excellent nap. So what am I going to do about the remaining 9 letters on the list?

Prioritize, prioritize. Solarpunk comes first, and I have two active implementations of it: The Arcology, and the Para and Schmoo ficton. (I still want a new name for Para. Any name suggestions for a pattern-recognition specialist working on tachyon communication, whose grandparents are Cherokee, Masai, Rus, and Paraguayan?)

Camillo is about the Arcology project. Put him first.
Terre is about Para and Schmoo, and usually answers her mail. Second.
Colby is about both, but it's hard to get an answer out of him, so he's third.
Same for Terra, so he's fourth.
Manu has answered, and is in Italy so is restrained in how much real help he can be, 5th.
JoAnn isn't involved with either one, but if I can help get her elected she could be of a *lot* of help with the Arcology, so 6th.
Joshua and Joseph are potential Solarpunk recruits, and might be persuadable to be of immediate practical help. 7th.
Liam is my housemate, and is important but not timely. 8th
Brian is running for president, and doesn't know what a campaign looks like. 9th.

No guarantees I'm going to *follow* that, but at least now I *have* an order. Good.

Why is it that the house AC is set to 72, and I'm still sitting here in my shorts dripping sweat?
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