PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

...not Causation

I’ve heard a recently oft-quoted statistic that no nation can stand when 3.5% or more of its population is in active resistance to its government. I call bullshit.

We’ve got *at least* twice that in the US, probably more. (I lack the ability to do a formal survey.) We’ve *had* marches of millions. And now come the midterm elections.

I’ve posted before my optimistic scenario that the Democrats take the House by a wide margin and the Senate by a squeeker, and keep the tangerine shit-gibbon from doing any more damage. Given the levels of Republican-sponsored, Russian-backed vote stealing and voter suppression going on, I can not believe that any *worse* outcome is not the result of fraud.

And I fully expect that fraud. And since the only thing nearly as bad as being a Republican is being a Democrat, I don’t expect any coherent action in opposition. At best, the Democrats are a bunch of gutless, ball-less blowhards, who would rather wibble into obscurity than create the precedent of hanging Senators and Representatives for treason.

Quick, anybody: What was the name of the political party who opposed the Nazis in the 1934 elections? Trick question; none. The Social Democratic Party – a centrist entity far too left-wing to be allowed to exist in 2018 America – was outlawed in 1933, and started their obscurity-wibble immediately. The Rethuglicans aren’t going to outlaw the Dumbocrats; the dumbos are too cowardly to provide any actual opposition, and make a convenient foil for pretending we still have a democracy.

But if they do manage to lose the election in spite of their treason, fraud, and suppression (which is entirely possible; they’re not terribly *competent* criminals), I expect the election to be nullified.

We’ll find out next week. If I’m right, I have rights-of-return in Israel, which is at this point *almost* as bad politically as it is here, and both Germany and Spain, and a brother in New Zealand. And not much to pack.

At issue will be convincing my sons in New York that it’s time to go. Gabe wants to move to Scotland anyway, but AFAIK they don’t have a Law of Return, even tho’ he *would* qualify on his mother’s side. Zack doesn’t move unless pushed. He has no great desire to remain where he is, but unless I can go first and find him a job he’d like he’s probably going to sit where he is.

Dad is 86; he’s not going to move because what’s the point? Jon and Adina have ROR in Israel, but Hannah, Nathan, Eric and Zoe don’t have any RORs anywhere, because as far back as they can trace their geneologies is “Oklahoma and Texas.”

And in the meantime I’m stuck at home because the bus stop is too far from a bathroom for me to get to with any confidence. Phooey.
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