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Undefining politics
It's 1:22am, I'm up, might as well try to do something useful.

Yesterday I went to the annual Pacific Green Party convention with Brian. Was a waste of time; these terribly well-intentioned people are as clueless as they are well-intentioned, and, like most humans, single-mindedly dedicated to preserving their delusions. I don't have the time or personal resources to play therapist to them.

After that, we went to the DSA Electoral special-interest group, which was better. The DSA has changed a lot since I checked 'em out for the second time about 4 years ago; they've stopped obsessing on defining 'socialism' and started focusing on working on the *practice* of it, which is something we-as-a-nation are deeply and seriously in need of.

There's a piece of serious work that wants me to do it, which is devising, defining, and publicizing a replacement for the concept 'socialism'. Too much of the concept has gotten tied up in the "sports-team" model of politics, where the entire focus of each major political party is on "The *other* party are Bad Guys, and we are not them, so we must be the Good Guys!", and the Socialists are defined as league expansionists, who agree with the underlying schema but want their own bit of turf in the battle. This is what turned Grandpa Fred off them in the 1920's; they didn't want to *eliminate* authoritarianism, they (Mensheviks) just wanted their own turn on the top of the pile. Still not good for those stuck further down in the pile.

By focusing on *practice*, the current, roughly 2-year-old iteration of the DSA is doing a much better job of focusing on having government work for the public good, which I appreciate. Minor irritation in that the 'big tent' policy still leaves room in that tent for the hard-core Marxists, who are the biggest proponents of keeping the Team Sports model as the core of political revolution/reform. They want their turn as autocrat, too!

I'm not doing that work today, even tho' it keeps chewing on my ankle. It's a subset of a larger work, which includes Brian's Presidential campaign, my Para and Schmoo ficton, and my theory work on Positive Proxy. What I'm trying to do is bring that down to the level of "What do I do *today*?" so I can resume focus and get something useful done.

I've run myself out of attention span for the moment; I'll see if I can chase down a few more Z's and get back to this.

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Not entirely certsin what the DSA is.... but it's tough to transcend the fear mongering this government has done agsinst the word socislism for many decades.... mostly from countries such as cuba which didnt work out as a weaker country the U.S. could strip resources from and opress their people while pretending to be the goof guys. I'd like to see a compromise party called a Democratic Socialist party (aka progressive party).... where the needs of the people are met and civil rights are upheld.... a true democracy where wealthy coroporations are dissallowed to control politicians to their own purposes. This would of course require politicians who aren't corrupt... so not even sure that's a real possibility.

DSA is Democratic Socialists of America, so, pretty mouch exactly what you're fantasizing for.

Well since efwa and its sister organizations are laying the groundwork for this? I don't feel its a fantasy.

I despair of politics being of any use to the working class. Its too easy to becomd beholden to your investors... who are usually made up of the wealthy 1 %.... so only bernie is doimg it right.

With any luck, I'll surprise you. Will take a couple of years, tho'.

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