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Starting Day #4
This one is going to be difficult, but I'm not worried about it. I'll go, I'll use four or five different machines, I'll come home, I'll get to work.

My "penny dreadful" idea seems to be coming together. Build the robot suit, use it to recruit the folks at the Iron Fireman Collective, visit Clackamas Community College and get a bid for this year's GearCon site, use that to get a *better* bid from the IF Collective folks, write the first 3 IF stories, present stories at 'Con in July.

It's easy to want to give the credit for this coming together to Marco, but he's not it. I am. I need a live audience, and he filled that role for me on Friday, but I could do just as well with an ongoing flow of short-term volunteers.

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Go you! Working out every day is hard to sustain. I hope it starts getting easier soon.

So what's this robot suit? I don't think you mentioned this the last time we talked. What kind of robot?

A 19th Century Mechanical Man. Some years back, local writer Paul Guignan came up with the idea of 'Boilerplate, the Mechanical Marvel', and built a foot-tall model robot that he photographed and then photoshopped in to a lot of historical pictures. Paul's a Steampunk writer, and Steampunk is heavily Anglophilic, so Boilerplate is somewhat more British than Benjamin Disraeli.

I want to do the American version, and also use it to bridge Steampunk with Cascadia (the mythos that's growing up around the bioregionalism concept). The Iron Fireman Collective is a real estate venture in SE Portland, and would have room to host the Portland Steampunk convention GEARCon, if they felt like it. So I want to build an Iron Fireman suit to go to their office and suggest to them that they sponsor the convention.

Initial problem is finding space to build and store it. I want to get a piece of sheet metal, cut and rivet a Joel-torso-sized cylinder, put a flattened cone atop the cylinder as shoulders, a perforated-steel band for a neck on top of that, and a big empty cylinder atop that for a head, with a couple of old camera-lenses and an archaic speaker making up the face. Add HVAC hose for arms and legs, a couple of tinfoil-covered shoeboxes for feet, and a couple of pairs of Channel-Locks and some spraypainted shop rags for nands, and we're done. Then I need a 2'x3' place to store it in from now 'til July.

Very cool, but what's all that metal going to weigh? Will you be walking around in it?

Probably about 20 to 25 pounds total, and yes I'll be walking around in it.

(This is a sheet-aluminum shell, not steel SCA battle armor.)

We need to figure out the logistics, but I could do short-term volunteering.

Can you do phone and email? Not as good as live, but can be made to substitute. If you *can* show up live, that'd be fun. Not taking that seriously at the moment, tho'.

"Not taking that seriously" only because I know we're both broke and we're 1300 miles apart and in different countries, not because I don't value your good intentions.

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