PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Two skip days, and still OK.

I will be going back to the gym in a day or two, whether the old gym or a new one is as yet undecided. I feel fine about that, as I've been escorting my housemate to the hospital to get his cataract surgery done. And tomorrow's an 8:45am oil train protest at City Hall, followed by lunch with Lor as I try to recruit him for providing Native background for the Iron Fireman story, and possibly also a building site for the robot suit, if he's got the space. If I'm lucky, I'll have time to squeeze in a haircut in the middle.

Also went down to Salem today to support an anti-clearcutting bill. The farce of our nominal legislative processes is often painful to watch; the barely-concealed utter boredom of the legislators trying to pretend that the very poorly concealed attempts to manipulate them are anything other than a bunch of paid shills lying through their teeth, as they are being well-paid to do.

Well, I showed my face and demonstrated my support for the Good Guys by my physical presence; job of the day completed. Maybe now I will be able to get back to making some more time for replacing my state Representative (Jeff Reardon, for anyone interested) with someone willing to put the work into actually doing the job. (Jeff is another Very Nice Man who got into politics because he thought it would be fun to be popular. Little Did He Know... and, for that matter, *still* doesn't.)

And, after meeting with Lor, on to Clackamas Community College to see if we can throw a convention there.
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