PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Got here. Next! Revised two-day plan.

So yesterday I got my dental crown emplaced, visited Surplus Gizmos with Brian, and got to his house, where I got nothing done on the robot other than brainstorming with him about it. He now has an idea for making segmenta-lorica arms for it, sorta like the arms of Colossus in the second Deadpool movie. I think it's a neat *idea*, but probably a lot more work than he thinks it is -- since we want to go from shoulder to wrist that's almost three dozen segments per arm, each of which has to fit to its mates both above and below, with room to flex as appropriate, and then *attached* to those mates in a way that allows for that flex.

Soon I will go back to bed. When I get up, I'll get done with my morning routine, and start work bending the leg-plates. When *he* gets up, I will talk over with him me getting to work on the head while he fiddles with the arms. I need some data from him on how to cut the top and bottom of the head, and the sequence is going to be drum/top/attach top to drum/bottom/attach bottom to neck/install face on drum. The drum will be *fastened* to the bottom, but not permanently attached to it.

With the head complete and the leg-plates attached (above includes fabricating them, but not attaching them, which would come next. Relatively easy, as soon as I get the shapes right), the arms and legs are all that's left. Oops, forgot reinforcing the inside corners of the base of the torso. For that, cut two reinforcements out of the remains of the Home Depot bucket, drill torso, drill reinforcements using torso as a jig, and rivet in place. Since they're entirely internal, they don't need to get painted. This is as far as I hope to get done tomorrow, counting Brian making significant process on the arms.

Brian's approach to doing the arms should work; we'll have to use the existing shoulder mounts because the torso has been adapted to them, and that will probably mean using at least a few inches of the aluminum-foil-pipe we'd tried using first.

Then come the legs and the feet. Feet are easy; have shoe-boxes, have tinfoil, cut holes in shoeboxes to get feet into them and cover all of box with tinfoil. Legs are fabricated, but we'll need ankles to adapt between them and the feet. Legs are 12" dia. air hose, and ankles are about 5" diameter -- 4"x6" if we can do an oval. Designing these will require more CAD time, which is one of Brian's skills. Attaching legs to torso I intend to do with suspenders, and I brought an old pair I intend to use. Will want a scrap of fabric between the pipe material and the claws on the suspenders. Then paint the pants I'll be wearing underneath so that any inadvertent peeps see only more silver, fit it all together and try it on, and we should be done. Maybe in time to make Friday dinner, maybe not. And then down to Portland to meet with Steve.

Okay, that's a plan. Back to bed.
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