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Busy, busy, busy...
A lot of life-changing events possibly happening. It's the 'possibly' part that causes anxiety -- *maybe* nothing will happen at all.

Tomorrow I call both the Iron Fireman Collective and their landlord, and continue seeing about getting GearCon a site for September. If I get it, it's *also* a big bonus for the Youth Advocacy program, as it gives me an easy reward to provide for them.

And I meet with my Bridge to Health representative, who has been offering me help in getting into law school and getting an electric bike. With the power-assist bike, I can actually get out of this little dell and go places. (There's a hundred-foot hill at the entrance, which I can't get up on a regular bike.)

And I go look at the house above Dean's Scene, and see if I want to live there, and if so whether we can finalize a deal for me doing so. This would be a really big deal; I'd end up as the site boss for an attempt at resuscitating Community Supported Everything, and incidentally running the closest thing I've ever run across to Callahan's Place. Really, people. Actual Free Beer. And probably a Food not Bombs chapter, as well.

Minor trivia afterwards, attending the 350pdx.org Transportation Task Force meeting. Not *everything* I'm doing tomorrow needs to be potentially life-changing.

I wanna cheesecake, and they're very bad for me. Fortunately, I don't have one, and there's that hill...

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Uncertainty sucks. I wish you well with your efforts toward community.

Uncertainty *can* be fun. This is just pushing my limits -- which can *also* be fun, if one has adequate resources and backup -- neither of which I have.

So I had a blueberry smoothie instead of cheesecake. Nearly as much butterfat, but the only sugar was what was already in the blueberries.

On the subject of food, I haven't been able to find anybody who even knows what Romi cheese *is*, let alone is willing to sell me some. Hints?



We got our Romi cheese from an international food store run by a Middle Eastern guy. Try international, Middle Eastern, health food, or specialty cheese stores. I couldn't find an American supplier online but you could look and see what you find.

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