PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Yesterday was good, let's do it again!

Had a great day, doing some difficult even if eventually unproductive phone work, going to an East-side democratic Club event, leafletting at Fred Meyer (for discriminatory pay policies), and phone banking for Lee for Congress. No further work on the white papers, tho'.

Today I go up to Rainier and reroof the cargo trailer. Will bring laptop just in case, but I expect that to keep me busy all day. Have already sent email to Jaimie about creating a law program for lefty lawyers.

I need to clear some things *off* my plate before there's room for more. Getting those white papers done, getting the site for GearCon, and doing the tabling at Sunrise Hub and Wayfinding Academy are on the top of my list. The first two can be concurrent, the third has to be subsequent to the first two. Investigating setting up the law program and the electric bike program can also be concurrent, and that's five, and anything else goes on the "up next" list. And per the proverb, I'm in over my head already and should thus stop digging.
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