PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

I'm too picky

My intention was to go up to Rainier, put a new roof on the cargo trailer, and replace the jack on it.

The roof is not done, the jack is technically in place but not yet functional, and I still feel it was a good and productive day.

48 of the 55 square feet of intended roof are installed, and in two or three weeks I'll be able to go up there, put on the last 7 square feet of steel, put the flashing on over the peak, and finish installing the trailer jack. In the meantime, no heavy rains are predicted between now and then, and all the infrastructure work to permit the placement of the roofing steel is complete, and in addition I put flashing over the seams at the front of the trailer. So the next day's work is going to consist of cutting two pieces of steel, screwing them in place, cutting an 8' length of flashing and screwing *that* in place, and finishing up the jack attachment.

The thing that stopped the job from getting finished is that I didn't overrule Brian about picking up the supplies on our way in, instead of going to the house first, staring at the trailer, writing a list of all the things I already knew we needed, and going back out again. The extra trip cost us about two hours, and in two hours I could have installed the last 7 sf. of steel and put the flashing on. Not sure about the jack.

I have to stay awake another 45 minutes, because I have another set of medications to take that conflict with the one I took at 7:45pm and there needs to be a minimum two-hour gap between 'em.

It was a good day and I'm pleased with the work I got done, even if it wasn't as much as I was planning.
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