PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Lost: Two days. Please return.

So yesterday sorta didn't happen.  And neither did last Wednesday.  Yesterday I got to the post office to mail Zack's birthday present, and discovered they are no longer open on Saturdays, which provides a clue as to how often I go to the post office.  I came home from that, unaware of being more than mildly upset, took a nap, and it seems like after my body got up from the nap, I never got back up with it.  Wednesday was supposed to have started with me making my JwJ Phone Tree calls, and I don't know why or even if I might find that stressful, but it never got done and neither did anything else 'til Brian picked me up to go to his house for the holiday.

I cannot express with sufficient emphasis how annoyed I am with this phenomenon.  Despite the damaged-and-partly-repaired pump, I *like* this body, and if it's up and doing things I want to be with it and direct those things.  And I have things I want to be doing.

So today I want to make those missing calls, arrange for travel to Redondo Beach and an AirB&B while I'm there, start scanning the web for interesting things to do with Dad while I'm there, and then do the JO site walkthrough, which is stressful but at least I know *why* it is stressful.  Bonus points if I can figure out where the Fireman story is going next.  First, tho', to the grocery store as I'm out of salsa for my morning grain stew.

I have no clue why those "out of body experience" people are so excited.  The trick is staying *inside* the body. 

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