PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Got good sleep, which I'll need, as the next time I get to do that is Tuesday. I work tonight, move tomorrow, and work tomorrow night.

And then comes the election. Even Bush's people are deserting him; see YesBushCan.com . But I suspect all he's planning on is keeping close enough in the polls to make it look plausible when the Diebold Dirty Tricks Team steals the election for him. I do hope I'm wrong; I'd rather not end up living in a religious dictatorship.

OTOH, we have two political parties in this country, the Crooks and the Complacents. I'll do what I can to motivate the Complacents (Dems) into action if they win, but I'm not hopeful. I predict "Hey, we won!" followed by parties, followed by no action. Again, I hope I'm wrong.

And I hope it's irrelevant. I'm trying to get more locally centered in my life, and I move tomorrow. The new place is nicer, and has room for my sons. Now to get the *rest* of life running...


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