PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Devising a new re-set ritual

I was up at 2am for no particular reason, and managed to get a nap from about 7:45am 'til 9am.  And it's now 11am and I haven't gotten anything useful done yet as a result.

I have a nice long list of stuff to do -- write The Body Politic, Housing, and Positive Proxy; two exercise sessions, inventory and proof my completed drafts and make sure they don't need another run-through, and post something to the Justice Oregon FB page.  And I'm feeling fuzzy-headed and disorganized.

So I'm going to go take a nice long hot shower, and then get dressed and go do the first exercise set.  The shower is the actual reset; the exercise is the first activity *following* the reset.

And away I go...

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