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Oooog. Can we have a little "normal" around here?
Took Zack with us into NYC last night; I took him to see "The Motorcycle Diaries" while Gabe took his dance class. A good use of what would have otherwise been my midnight snack money; it's a good film, and also a good indicator of how far the conventions of American cinematic storytelling have warped my own perceptions. No car chases, no explosions...just a good story.

And then we go to the car, to go home, and *poof!* -- there's nothing there. I found out from a security guard that there had been a tow truck here towing people, which I found a bit odd because there was no sign saying Don't Park Here. But anyhoo, no car. And Zack and I had both left our laptops in the trunk.

Managed to get it back today, complete with laptops. The case of seltzer that had also been in the trunk is now popsicles, but I can live with that. More musings on the fragility of Big City Modern Life to follow.

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Sorry about your car. NYC sucks and I hate bringing my car in. I got a parking ticket recently! Ouch!

The Motorcycle Diaries is a great film and being the Indie and Foreign Film "Elitist" that I am, it was refreshing to see a film as well made as this. Plus I have to admit Gael Garcia Bernal (Young Che) is really handsome.

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