PolyDad (polydad) wrote,

Sleep. Or not.

So here I am alone in my bed, not sleeping. I've been doing this for a couple of hours now, reading LJ and responding to journals; I could at this point go out and get a haircut. The rest of the world is awake now.

Is it solely an Aspie trait, to invent new ways of making life as hard as possible? I seem to have the knack for it. Okay, the IT industry went away and I couldn't find work. So now I'm working graveyard shift in a warehouse. All I need to do to keep that stable is sleep during the day. So why do I get up and move furniture with my kids? Because Dad is the #1 job, okay, but I need to do something *else* to make money for groceries. And I haven't figured out how to go to sleep by sheer effort of will.

I *could* stay at work by sheer effort, but I made the decision last night that that wouldn't be productive. I now know better; next time I'll stick it out even if I'm not being productive. As for now, might as well go get that haircut.
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