Pass me the idiot hat

...So I got the idea to put all the spices on the top shelf of one of the lower cabinets. On trays, so they could be stacked. Didn't work well; kept knocking over the bottles on the lower tray. So, solution: Put legs on the upper tray so it wouldn't hit the lower bottles.

The trays are 20"x14", so I got two 3' long steel bars to form legs with. And then I formed them for the 20" side instead of the 14" side, and now have to un-bend the bars and re-bend 'em.


Oblique progress

I didn't get most of my list done today, and I still feel great about it.

Met with Brian at 8am, and he brought his wife and friend Randy with him. After we spent a couple of hours discussing his (non-)campaign, we went back to my place and I gave him about a quarter of the stuff in the driveway I'm still trying to get rid of. And then he gave me a ride to and from the resale store to pick up the breadboxes I bought on Monday.

And then the new mini-fridge arrived, and I rearranged and cleaned the kitchen. And then made dinner for Garrett and Darius, altho' Garrett was a no-show, which seems to be a pattern with him.

Tomorrow I want to swap the big hanging basket in my bedroom for the little one, and hang the big one in the kitchen. And then mop all the moppable floors. And then it's time to get back to writing Para and Schmoo.

Yay, progress!

Busy bee

Zoomed right down my list today. One logistics phone call, confirmed by email, two contact follow-up emails, purged the fridge, went food-shopping, and set up an eggplant parmesan for dinner. Two things left on the list: Swap out the large hanging basket in my bedroom for the small one, so that tomorrow I can put up the large one in the kitchen, and go to a Bus Project event.


I'm not going to Ikea any more. I can't really point to the reason(s?) being in the store is so unpleasant, but it is and the unpleasantness is not worth either the occasional bargain or the reasonably decent meatballs.

Progress is slow.

Gary will be by with his pickup today to help me take the entertainment center to the Salvation Army. That still leaves me with a couple of pickup-loads in the driveway, which I still have to sort through and dispose of. And then will come finishing up the modifications on the cargo trailer, which will include reinstalling the blown-off roof. (It's not open to the weather; I'd added corrugated steel roofing on top of the existing plywood, and apparently didn't use long enough screws.) This will include completely reorganizing and cataloging the *contents* of the trailer, since the modifications will include reinsulating the walls and ceiling.


I was outside 'til 2am last night sorting and arranging stuff for the charity pick-up, was up again at 5am doing more of same, came inside to hit the john at about 8:10am, and came out again to see the ass-end of the departing truck, with only a third of the stuff I'd intended to donate gone from the front part of the driveway.

Now to find a way to get rid of the rest of it.

Not *quite* concluding cleanout.

It's 2am; the truck to Take Things Away will be here in six hours. I'm nowhere near done looking through the stuff; anything I haven't investigated by the time they arrive just goes. I'm OK with that.

I've found my good cloak and my wedding outfit; I'll hang on to those. A lot of entirely useable stuff, just not worth the space to keep it in inventory.