Not *quite* concluding cleanout.

It's 2am; the truck to Take Things Away will be here in six hours. I'm nowhere near done looking through the stuff; anything I haven't investigated by the time they arrive just goes. I'm OK with that.

I've found my good cloak and my wedding outfit; I'll hang on to those. A lot of entirely useable stuff, just not worth the space to keep it in inventory.

A little bit cooler. Body still not happy yet.

So today is forecast to be 93F instead of 98F. I guess I'll take what I can get; it's not like I have a whole lot of options.

Steve took a carload of bookshelves and such last night, and Sabrina will be coming sometime in the next 3 days to get a couple of tubs worth of stuff. And then Friday morning ARC comes to pick up the rest. I informed the site manager, and she's OK with my leaving the driveway a mess 'til Friday -- entirely because I had the courtesy to ask her.

Still feeling out of it from the sunburn. Evidently I'm getting even *more* sensitive; it only took about ten or fifteen minutes last Friday to have me losing skin in places that *were* covered by clothing. Healing will take rest and metabolic resources, but thought is not only not needed, it's an impediment to the process.

I'm not sure if that means thinking about *other* things impedes the healing process. Maybe I can get back to work on the Ficton and the Arcology without interfering. I hope so. At the moment, I think I'll probably go watch "Ant Man and the Wasp", as sitting in an air-conditioned theater and watching a live-action cartoon seems about my speed for the morning.

One mystery solved

Apparently, in making 4 trips from the door to the van immediately outside it Friday morning, I'd managed to pick up a bad sunburn -- enough so that I'm losing skin that was covered by my T-shirt. So my body saying "No work" Saturday and Sunday afternoons was saying "I need that energy for healing, and if you try to take it and use it for something else this will Not End Well."

I do feel like I can get some work done today, but we don't have the UHaul any more, so anybody what wants has to come get. Tools, camping equipment, bike stuff, the entertainment center (for which my guesses of 7' tall, 8' wide, and 30" deep were only trivially off -- 6'10" tall, 7'9.5" wide, and 25.5" deep), kitchen chairs, card table/folding chair sets, men's clothing, books, and a whole lot of bins I haven't investigated yet.

I'm feeling much more focused on my major projects -- the Arcology and the Ficton, both of which are aspects of solarpunk. I still have to spend the day getting shit out of the driveway before I can do work on 'em.

Listening to my body

Self policing is a terribly necessary task. So I'm wondering why I didn't spend the afternoon reorganizing the stuff in the driveway.

True, it was 98F out there. Mostly in the shade, but 98F in the shade is still 98F. That just makes it unpleasant, and I can work through unpleasantness.

The reason I paid attention to was my body saying "Don't do this." I have a great deal of history of ignoring what my body is saying to me, and paying attention to it is a good thing and something I need to learn to be much better at. But I do like knowing *why* it is telling me to do, or not to, something. Bodies aren't always very good at communication, and mine in particular doesn't spend a lot of time or effort explaining itself.

So heat was probably not the reason. I got the last load out of the storage area this morning, so my body was fine with doing physical work, and it was less than a half-load, so exhaustion wasn't the reason either. Adequate reason to take a nap, which I did. So why didn't I get up from my nap and go sort boxes? Or, more accurately, why did I consider my idea, and then listen to my body's veto of it?

Still working on this. Right now, I don't know.

Friend Steve will be by tonight, and will take half a dozen bookcases, and whatever else looks good. I hope to persuade him to take the electric cooler -- it's a standard picnic chest with a built-in cooling unit, so if you have a place to plug it in it becomes an actual refrigerator. In the morning I'll call Goodwill, and they can take the entertainment center, the kitchen chairs, the card tables and chairs, and probably some other stuff. And then I can see what's left and make some decisions about it.

Want anything?

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

So today I will go clean the last of my stuff out of the storage area. Then I have to get rid of it all out of the driveway, and the "neighborhood garage sale" is being a total bust, which I think I could have predicted if I'd spent any time thinking about it. (Zero publicity, zero organization; result, a few people cruising through playing "looky-loo", and nobody really shopping.)

Which means tomorrow a flurry of calling people and organizations to come get stuff. It's more important to me to be rid of it than to monitor where it goes. Better planning on my part, and this purge would have happened two years ago.

After I get done with this week's chaos, I focus on the Arcology and the Ficton. *Two* foci I'm pretty sure I can handle right now.

Good progress, but still not done.

I have done good work. Despite this, my body is reminding me that it is 61 years old, and has not been in the general habit of loading and unloading trucks. Nothing horrible, but I ache a lot. It'll pass.

I have *not* gotten the entertainment center out of the storage area. I can hire some muscle and get it done tomorrow morning. I will still be achey, even though tomorrow I will not be the one doing most of the heavy lifting. I have this luxury.

As usual, I have a lot more and a lot more *interesting* thoughts going on, but holding my arms up to type displeases me at the moment. More later.

Progress is good.

"warriorsavant" pointed out that garage sales are depressing; he's right. But even if I make no money at all and just send all the stuff to Goodwill on Tuesday, I will no longer have the $150/mo. storage area fee any more. I'm good with that. (I would *also* like to make some money. But that's extra.)

Today I got the first of three van-loads out of the unit and into my driveway. Tomorrow morning early I go get the second load; the third is the two big center section pieces of the entertainment center, which should happen at 1pm if I can get at least two people to help. Or one very cooperative gorilla, which is unfortunately unlikely.

I've got 4 conflicting events for Saturday, but since I moved all *his* stuff for him, I'm counting on Liam to do the "sit in driveway and take money" part of things. I might even be able to get the use of the van to shuttle back and forth between all my meetings; haven't talked with him about that yet.

Having gotten some hard physical work done feels good.

Getting derailed.

I went to a presentation on "Navigating the Oregon Labor Movement" last night, given by the AFL/CIO.

The many Union people I've been dealing with for the last half-dozen years mostly strike me as good, well-intentioned people who are trying to do all the right things for mostly-inaccurate reasons.

I am hesitant to try to point this out to them; when I've tried such things previously I got fired a couple of times for it. People do *not* like having their fundamental premises questioned, on the whole. (Even research scientists.)

Note that I say "mostly inaccurate", rather than "wrong." If I can concentrate long enough, I'll get back to that. I'm having a Trump-overload morning, and it's not 7am yet. Collapse )