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Combed and Curried Navel-Lint

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  • Unseen University - Ankh-Morpork, England - Wiltshire, United Kingdom (2002 present)
I use this journal to try to get input into what's going on with me *now*; so I tend to post publicly and then go in afterwards and switch everything to friends-only about a week later.

To those who have asked about my age: I'm 57. I use the 1960 birth date to protect against identity theft; it's close but incorrect.

I have for the moment turned my attention from building new family to building civilization. If you're willing to live in Portland and are *interested* in family building, by all means drop me a line and say so, but otherwise I'm going to be focusing on incorporating the values of civilization into the new genre of solarpunk, to see if we can keep *both*.

For more data, see my interests list, or ask to be friended.
aikido, alternate history, anime, asimov, asperger's syndrome, aspergers, aspergers syndrome, astrophysics, bdsm, biking, bondage, books, children, civil liberties, civilian space program, computer games, cons, cooking, corporate goth, corsets, costuming, cuddles, custody, d&d, dancing, divorce, dixieland jazz, dogs, domination, dragons, erotica, esme weatherwax, explosives, falsifying statistics, family, fantasy, figs, fire, freedom, freedom of speech, friends, games, geek culture, geeks, guns, hard sci-fi, heinlein, hiking, history, holistic design, honesty, hugging, hugs, human computer interaction, human sexuality, humour, intentional community, israeli dance, japanese food, judaism, kids, kindness, kissing, larp, lazarus long, leather, life, linguistics, living cheap, love, loyalty, lust, making a difference, martial arts, massage, massages, men's rights, monty python, music, neil gaiman, neuro-linguistic programming, new jersey, new york city, nlp, oral sex, oscar wilde, parenting, physics, pilates, polyamory, polyfamilies, porn, pornography, psychology, quantum, quantum computing, reading, religion, renaissance faire, renaissance faires, robert heinlein, rockets, roger zelazny, role-playing games, roleplaying games, rpgs, rutgers, s&m, sca, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science-fiction, settlers of catan, sex, sexuality, society for creative anachronism, something positive, space exploration, space travel, spank, spanking, string theory, submission, sushi, swimming, swing dancing, teaching, terry pratchett, the secretary, tikkun olam, time enough for love, time travel, tolerance, topology, tradition, trust, understanding, universe, urban fantasy, vetinari, violet wands, virtual community, volunteering, weird movies, wit, writing, x prize

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